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Matrix IV EHT Metal

56.00 EUR
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Matrix IV EHT Metal RFID reader is designed for using in the network and standalone access control systems. Matrix IV EHT Metal is intended for access points where the control using RFID keys and anti-vandal case are needed.

Matrix IV EHT Metal reader supports EM Marine, HID ProxCard II 125KHz and Temic (T5557/T5577) keys and connects to the controllers via iButton (1-Wire), Wiegand-26 and Wiegand-42 protocols. The reader have clone protection of Temic T5557/T5577 keys (TM4301/05 chips) where EM Marine ID code was recorded (cloned).

Matrix IV EHT Metal reader automatically detects keys standard for simultaneous using of EM Marine, HID ProxCard II and Temic keys. There is a possibility of external control of visual and sound indication without additional connections.

Not designed for use with switching power supplies
  • Syfte ACS läsare
    Driftsfrekvens 125 KHz
    Nyckeltyper RFID (Proximity)
    Läsares standart EM Marine, Temic, HID ProxCard II
    Läsares protokoll iButton (1-Wire), Wiegand-26, Wiegand-42
    RFID läsräckvidd (cm) 3–5
    Knappsats Nej
    Anti-vandalism fodral Ja
    Vattentätt och dammtät fodral Ja
    Nycklars kopieringsskydd Ja
    Typ av kopieringsskydd Läs Temic ID istället för skrivet EM Marine ID
  • IButton (1-Wire) maxlinjelängd (m) 15
    Wiegand maximal linjelängd (m) 100
    Spänning 8–18 DC
    Strömförbrukning (mA) 150
    Ljudsignal Summer
    Visuell indikation 1 x 3-färgad LED
    Bakgrundsbelysning Ja
    Extern kontroll av lysdioder och summer Ja
    Driftstemperatur (°C) -30...+40
    Fodral material ABS-plast, Silumin
    Dimensioner (mm) 120х58х20

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