Iron Logic Object Card 1+2

19.50 EUR
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Iron Logic Object Card 1+2 is used for the implementation of Iron Logic Protected technology. Iron Logic Object Card 1+2 is a set of card and keyfob (main and reserve keys) with recorded identical sets of keys A and B for Mifare keys. They are used for readers and common pass keys programming (Z-2 USB MF desktop reader with special firmware required).

If Iron Logic Object Card 1+2 isn't available, there is no possibility add the new readers and common pass keys. It provides protection against the use of cloned cards and the unauthorized installation of new equipment. Iron Logic Object Card 1+2 stores encryption keys for the readers and identifiers of the object, so it's necessary to ensure the special conditions of storage and access to it. You can control multiple objects where Iron Logic Object Card 1+2 implemented, using service (additional installation of Z2USB for JavaScript plugin for Windows-based browsers required).

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