Cookie usage policy

What is cookies?

Cookies are small fragments of data sent by the website and stored on a user's device to use this data on next visits by the same user. Cookies helps to recognize your device and help improve the functionality of using our website making it easier to use. Using cookies is absolutely safe for your devices and the stored data.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies in order to improve the functionality of our website and to facilitate its use.

What cookies do we use?

Technical cookies
Technical cookies helps to display the content of the website. These cookies do not collect any kind of information that could be used for sales or marketing.
Functional cookies

Functional cookies are designed to improve the functionality of the website, make it convenient and efficient to use. Our functional cookies are used to save the selected language of the website, the currency of prices and the list of favorite pages. These cookies do not collect any kind of information that could be used for sales or marketing.

Analytical Cookies
Analytical cookies store the user unique identificator in the Matomo analytics system which is used by our website for tracking of the most frequently visited sections and pages on our website. The information is used for analysis purposes to find out what exactly interests users and helps to improve the functionality of the site, which makes it more convenient to use. Analytical cookies only helps to identify the same user, but does not reveal the identity of the user or his personal data.

How can I manage cookie settings?

You can manage cookies in the settings of your browser, choosing which cookies you want to accept and which ones to delete. You can decline using of cookies at any time by removing them from your browser. The way you manage and delete cookies depends of the browser and device you are using. It is important to know that using of our website after blocking or removing of the technical or functional cookies will be inconvenient, so we do not recommend remove or block cookies.

You can also apply any time to cancel your consent to use cookies by submitting the request to us by e-mail: or call us by phone: +37124422922. By canceling your consent to the use of cookies, you must also delete the cookies set by our website.

Cookies make it easier for us to provide you with our services. With the usage of our services you permit us to use cookies.