Matrix III 220

Matrix III 220 is a standalone 220V power control controller with integrated EM Marine 125 KHz reader.

Matrix III 220 has a power relay with switching contact group. The controller is made in the waterproof case with the five conductors: two conductors for a power supply, three conductors of the switching contacts (galvanically isolated from the power supply). The controller delivered with plastic pocket for the RFID cards.

Matrix III 220 controller operates in the following modes:

  • Trigger — each touch of the card changes the state of the relay contacts to the opposite state.
  • Power Pocket — the relay contacts are shorted until the card recorded in the controller memory is in the field of reader.
  • Timer — each touch of the card changes the state of the relay contacts to the the opposite. However the relay contacts are shorted during the time you set with a master card.

All these features allow you to use the controller at the objects where it's necessary to control the power supply: hotel rooms, dormitories, offices and houses, during repair work etc.

  • Purpose Power Control
    Controller type Standalone
    Keys count 500
    Types of recordable keys Normal, Master
    Key types RFID (Proximity)
    Operating modes (advanced) Trigger, Power Pocket, Timer
    Built-in reader Yes
    Built-in reader operating frequency 125 KHz
    Built-in reader standard EM Marine
    Built-in reader reading range (cm) 6
  • Non-volatile memory (EEPROM) Yes
    Voltage 180–230V AC
    Current consumption (mA) 35
    Bleeper Buzzer
    Visual indication 1 x 3-colored LED
    Relay outputs count 1
    Relay outputs maximum current (A) 16
    Operating temperature (°C) -30...+40
    Case material ABS polymer
    Dimensions (mm) 115х75х22
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