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Z-2 Base

42.90 EUR
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Z-2 Base adapter allows you to transfer the keys database from a PC to the Z-5R and Matrix II K controllers and back to the PC via a pin socket, record the keys database to the DS1996L key for further transfer to Z-5R and Matrix II K controllers and back to the key from the controllers memory.

When external reader connecting to Z-2 Base adapter by iButton (1-Wire) or Wiegand 26 protocols you can send keys ID to the PC in real-time mode. Also you can connect an external controller of any manufacturer that supports iButton (1-Wire) or Wiegand 26 protocols for transfer keys database from the controller to the PC and from the PC to the controller, manage controller by commands from the PC, manage devices with logic levels.

Z-2 Base adapter can operate in COM-port mode or keyboard emulation mode for sending keys ID to the active window opened in PC using HID protocol.

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