IL-07 keyfob is affordable proximity RFID keyfob for using in access control systems. IL-07 keyfob has a metal ring for fixing and protection from the electromagnetic fields and static electricity. IL-07EBW series keyfob has a printed key number which greatly simplifies the entry of key numbers into the database without RFID reader.

  • Standard EM Marine, Temic, HID ProxCard II, Mifare Classic 1K
    Operating frequency 125 KHz, 13.56 MHz
    Functions Read, Write
    Printed number Depends of model
    Printing features Pad printing
    Memory size (bytes) 4096
    Anticollision Depends of model
  • Operating temperature (°C) –30…+55
    Storage temperature (°C) –40…+75
    Material ABS polymer
    Dimensions (mm) 37х30х3
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