SDK Guard

SDK Guard for Windows OS is designed to facilitate and accelerate the integration of network controllers in the application software. The access to the controllers is implemented using converters (the exception is the Z-5R Web controller, you don't need a separate converter to access

The SDK includes header files and examples of the source code for programming languages Delphi, Visual C++, Visual C# and Borland C++. The SDK provides 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the library (Native API DLL), they aren't COM objects.

The developer can immediately begin to create application software without spending time on learning the exchange protocols and writing their own communication modules. The samples of source code which included in the SDK allow you to quickly learn how to manage the controllers network, manage single controller and receive the events data from the controller memory.

SDK Bundle

  • Libraries in several builds: ZGuard.dll — 32-bit library; X64\ZGuard.dll — 64-bit library; Split\ZGuard.dll, Split\ZPort.dll — 32-bit libraries for sharing with SDK Readers libraries; Split\x64\ZGuard.dll, Split\x64\ZPort.dll — 64-bit libraries for sharing with SDK Readers libraries; Log\ZGuard.dll — 32-bit library with log functions added; Log\x64\ZGuard.dll — 64-bit library with log functions added.
  • Demo program — Demo.exe.
  • Examples of using libraries for several programming languages: Borland C++ — "BCPP" folder; Visual C++ — "VCPP" folder; C# — "CSharp" folder; Delphi — "Delphi" folder.
  • SDK description file — Help\ZGuard_rus.chm.
  • Firmware for converters and controllers — "UpdateFW" folder.
  • Utility for access to the Z-397 Guard USB/RS-485 converter over TCP/IP network — Split\ZRetr.exe.
  • Utility for viewing the logs created by the libraries from the "Log" folder — Log\Log.exe.
  • Utility for checking SDK updates — Updater\ZUpdater.exe.
  • The license file for 16 controllers for the Z-397 Guard USB/RS-485, Z-397 IP, Z-397 Web and Z-5R Web controller (automatically installs to the new converters used by SDK) — Lic_SDK_16.lic.
SDK Guard 3.39.1
Date 2021-04-15
Version 3.39.1
Operating system
File size 6898.79 KB
File type ZIP


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